Morsel of Faith Ministries was able to host a Youth Conference in August 23-29. Leading up to the conference, we coveted your prayers for those of us who were preparing the conference, for the youth attending to have open hearts ready to receive from God and for the speakers to be led by the Holy Spirit to teach what He wants.

During the conference, we praised God for allowing the youth to be involved in this spiritually-edifying time. And prayed for God to reveal Himself to each of the youth in a special way during the week.

One hundred youth were able to attend the conference, some who were from the local village! The evidence of God ministering to their hearts was abundantly clear to the ministers and teachers. The youth expressed their enjoyment of the teachings. Someone says “no one has ever taught us about God and living for Him like you have!” Some left with tears of gratefulness at the opportunity to learn about God and the love they had been shown.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support in the ministry God is using to touch lives for Him! We pray God will bless you as you serve Him!

In His hands,
     for Christ and the Kenyans