When I arrived home from Kenya in January 2016, I did not know when God would open the door for me to go back to Kenya. I came back knowing I would have to wait on God’s timing for the next trip. The winter, spring, and summer were not easy for me. God has provided many opportunities for me to learn to TRUST Him completely with EVERY area of my life. This is not something that is or was easy for me.

This summer God introduced me to a whole new group of His children. Little did I know when I started getting to know them, how much God was going to use them to show me Himself in ways I never imagined! I learned so much about the character of God in the few months I was with them. I truly thank God for allowing our paths to cross and for all that God taught me!

At the time, I was struggling to know where money was going to come from to purchase a ticket to return to Kenya. I knew time was passing and fall was edging closer. Finally, God gave me peace that HE would MAKE A WAY for me to return. I sent out a message to a few friends letting them know I believed God would make a way for me to return to Kenya. Exactly seven days later, I was in a church service, and the pastor told me—in the middle of the service—God revealed to him He had made a way for me to go. I was astounded and in awe of my amazing Father who LOVES and CARES about each detail in our lives. It was in that moment, I knew God truly would provide, as He brought that confirmation from the pastor!

After receiving confirmation, I knew I had to continue to TRUST God and move forward with plans to return to Kenya, believing God would make a way. He certainly did because He is our FAITHFUL and GOOD Father! A donor gave a check which covered the entire ticket! God revealing to me that as I trusted Him and believed His promises, He would bring it to pass in His TIME and His WAY!

I am planning another trip in the upcoming months for an extended stay. During this time in Kenya, the plan is to buy land to build a rescue home for girls and also a permanent medical clinic.  I know accomplishing this goal is not too hard for God, and I believe God will provide! The amount remaining for the cost of the land (2 acres) is $12,000.

We are also going to be facilitating two more mobile clinics at this time, as well. We have done three mobile clinics so far, with the cost of each being approximately $2,000. The cost covers the purchase of common medications to treat a little over 600 patients, buys food for the staff for four days, pays the Kenyans who help us, provides the transportation for everyone to and from the location and any miscellaneous supplies.

These are the tentative plans that God has laid on my heart, but I am open to whatever other plans God has in store for me. This is my 7th trip, so I believe God will do some amazing things in this trip!

The leaders of Morsel of Faith Ministries in Kenya have had several planning meetings for what they want to accomplish for the Kingdom of God while I am there. I recently heard there is a group of people who have been taught by the leaders, and now they want to join the congregation of Morsel of Faith Ministries. God is ready to explode His work in Kenya, and I am very excited!! 

I ask you please pray for God to walk before me, that He would prepare the way and the hearts of the people to whom we will minister. My desire is for God to receive all the honor and glory in this time.

The last few weeks I have been very busy working as a 3rd shift nurse in a local nursing home. This job was a total blessing from God, and I thank Him! I was not looking for a job, but God completely dropped it in my lap and has granted me favor in various ways. God has given me many opportunities to share His love as I care for the residents and as I work with the staff.  In one way, it will be hard for me to leave them, but I know God has clearly opened the door for me to return to Kenya at this time, so I cannot tell God “no.”  Please also pray for the adjustment for me and for those I am leaving too! 

Thank you for listening to my plans for the future. I pray you will be sensitive to how God will use you to assist in this need! I greatly desire your prayers as well as any financial support God leads you to give. I pray God richly blesses you as you serve Him!

In His hands,
   for Christ and the Kenyans