My Journey

lucy-kasza-kenyan-girl-morsel-of-faithIn 2006, I felt a call from God to go to Kenya. I was there for 9 months doing various jobs, including helping the missionary families with daily duties of life. I also helped teach Sunday School to about 70 native children every Sunday. During the week I helped take people to the hospital for treatment, and then I would go to the chemist and get their medication for them. I came home to Michigan after being there for 9 months. Little did I know the seeds God would plant in my heart after that experience.

After I came home in 2006, I knew that my heart had a calling to serve God in Kenya. Several people asked me what I could do to bring glory to God and be an asset to the mission. I said “Medical is a big need, but I can’t do that!” From a very young age, I was very scared of needles. I was a twenty-one-year-old whose dream was to get married and be a wife and mom. I did not want to commit to four years of college. So, I started out as a CNA or certified nursing assistant…that was 2 weeks of school and a LOT less money. I started working taking care of the elderly in a nursing home. I really enjoyed taking care of people in this way.

In 2008, I went to our local community college to see what classes I would need to get my RN. There was a class that was taught only once a year, and it was already full. I got put on the waiting list. In the meantime, I went to Kenya with a few youth. While I was in Kenya, I received an email from my dad saying the college had called saying there was one seat available for my wait-listed class, and I had 24-hours to commit to the class. Dad immediately told them to put me in the class.

From that point, I couldn’t say no to God. I could very clearly see how God opened the door for me to start college pursuing my RN. From fall 2008 to May 2012, I experienced many ups and downs. As I look back, I can see so many ways in which God has worked. One class I was in there was about 40 students, and the teacher was a very husky big man. He asked me in front of the entire class how I know that the Bible is real rather than some other holy book? I answered him that it takes faith to believe the Bible and it takes faith to believe any other book. I had many times when I was able to share about Jesus with my classmates, teachers, and patients in clinicals. Those years God used to help test, strengthen, and mold me to be more like Him.

lucy-kasza-infant-patient-morsel-of-faithIn 2008, I really got the vision for starting a clinic in Kenya and helping them there. The vision has been what has pushed me through all the hard times when Satan would come and try to convince me to give up on the vision, taunt me with a lack of money, or make me question how I would ever accomplish this vision. I want to be able to provide medical care to people and villages in the Kenyan bush who have no medical access nearby. I know Satan has been fighting hard to get me to give up on the vision. One aspect is the financial side of the vision. I know and anyone else knows that without money it is hard to do too much. I have seen God provide for me in the past and as I have been on this journey, I am confident that God WILL PROVIDE for this vision which is from Him!!

Morsel of Faith Ministries has been started.  I have partnered with several Kenyan pastors in this vision. One pastor had been praying for twenty years for someone to partner with so he can help share Jesus’ love with his people. I have been to Kenya 6 times for a total of a little over 2 years. The Kenyans have become like family to me. God has drawn us together, and it has been amazing to see God working.

In 2012 right after I got my RN, I went to Kenya for 3 months. While I was there, we had a mobile clinic in the bush for 3 days. Over 600 people came. The chief of the village was so happy that we came and were helping his people. Truly God was glorified with that work! Many people came to Christ and we just praised God!!

In 2015 I got my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree. I praise and thank God for His faithfulness and help through the many assignments! I went to Kenya again from November 2015 to January 2016. We had 2 mobile clinics in 2 more areas. Again we held the clinic for 3 days. In both locations, we had a little over 600 patients who walked quite a distance to receive treatment. You can read some of the amazing testimonies on the testimonials page! 🙂 

To God be the glory,
Great things He has done!