God Sightings

Here are a few testimonials about several patients that were treated at the clinics we had in Kenya.

I want to praise God for how He has worked and is still working miracles with people!

*A woman came with an abscess on her breast.

She had a baby several weeks prior and had gotten mastitis. Her father was very concerned that she would die. We treated her the best we could and prayed for her. A few weeks later I got the message that her father had accepted Christ because his daughter was healed!

*To hear one of the patients who was a cripple and could not walk because of HIV (but who received treatment) came to church with his family. He came WALKING along with his whole family and they received Christ as their Savior! They said that they have never seen the Love of Jesus shown to them like that before!

When we held the clinic, Pastor Hosea took this crippled man in the ministry vehicle to be tested for HIV. Everyone was amazed that an “unclean” person would be allowed to ride in a vehicle. Another man carried him on his back like a child when they are carried “piggy-back.” That was one testimony to the community. We found out the man did have HIV, and the ministry paid for the treatment. He had not walked for quite a while due to the sickness in his body.  He is so grateful to God for healing him!! Now the community is seeing him WALKING around! A MIRACLE of God’s healing for sure!

*Another man had a large wound on his foot we cleaned and bandaged ONE TIME; now it is HEALED!

At the very end of the last day of the clinic, it was dark and his wound was cleaned and bandaged using the light from a flashlight and lantern. He is extremely happy and thankful for the healing in his foot! He had that wound for quite a while, and nothing was helping it to heal.

*A little boy with many wounds on his scalp was treated, and now his head is HEALED!

We had shaved his head, and there were many wounds that were oozing and were painful. We sent supplies with his caregiver so he could continue to get his head cleansed daily. This is the son of the man with HIV. His family is very grateful to God for the care they were given!

*A girl came to the clinic with a broken leg that had developed osteomyelitis (infection in the bone).

Morsel of Faith Ministries raised money so she could receive the treatment she desperately needed. The surgery went well. Pastor Hosea took her and her parents on the six hour drive in the ministry vehicle to a hospital where she could receive the treatment she needed. He also went back to the hospital when she was ready for discharge and brought her home. She and her family are very grateful for the support they have received for this treatment! She is in school and doing very well! The doctors are very pleased with how well she healed up after how severe the case was.

These are just a few of the many ways that God has been glorifying Himself through the medical outreach in Kenya!

My God is AMAZING and
I PRAISE HIM so much!

I want to thank each of you who have PRAYED and have DONATED to make this outreach possible! It would not have been possible without your help.  We thank God for you and ask a continued interest in your prayers and support as God is growing the ministry by leaps and bounds. Our desire is for God to receive the honor and glory!